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tv   ABC7 News Weekly  ABC  January 4, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am EST

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>> an unexpected twist during a game of hide and seek. trinity wanted to beat her
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sister and cousins. she decided to hide in the washing machine. once she got in, she could not get out. her sisters and cousins used enough butter and ice to try to freeze -- free her. they could not. they finally called an adult. she was not hurt. she was pretty clean.
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>> we have wiped away the tears. >> take a look at what is going on outside at this hour. tomorrow, we will see temperatures during the day around 40. we will increase our temperatures late in the evening. then the strong cold front will move on through. i would not be surprised to see quick firsts of snow. temperatures fall on monday.
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waking up to single digits on tuesday. we could be up to 50 the end of the week. >> the windchill will be pretty bad. >> ahead, we look at weather conditions across the
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>> those living in the midwest could be for another round of cleanup from winter weather. another snowstorm was affected -- expected to hit the area. many areas race for subzero temperatures. >> it has been a day of digging out. it is a brief reprieve before another double punch. another potentially heavy snowstorm wallowed by an arctic deep freeze. parts of the midwest that dodged
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a bullet this week will not be as lucky this time around. forecasters are predicting a subzero windchill and some of in coldest temperatures decades. the packers and 49ers could play the coldest nfl game in history. temperatures will be hovering around zero, but it will feel like 15 below. >> they will receive free hand warmers, coffee and hot chocolate. >> thousands of passengers have had an unending nightmare. ofs of thousands cancellations and delays since the snow first started. others have been canceled for to findthey left cancun their connecting flight to omaha canceled. >> we should have stayed. >> more than 16 people have died from weather related injuries. major cities are trying to get the homeless off the streets and
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into shelters. doctors are stressing, be careful here you -- careful. >> we will have more coming up in our forecast. administration is responding to a challenge to the affordable care act. -- a group inr or denver asked for an emergency stay. they said that religious nonprofit groups can certify that they do not want to provide contraceptive coverage. word on when she will make a decision. while the twins were born just minutes apart, they were born in different years. greta kreuz spoke with the proud family. >> meet her and her twin brother.
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she had them just three minutes apart. because she was born just two minutes before midnight, new year's eve, and brandon was born one minute after, they have different birthdays and even birth years. how are you feeling deco >> unbelievably happy. >> they now live in wheaton. old son is finally a big brother. >> i did not expected to come. i gave up on it. now i see unless new possibilities. ounces,ounds and five compared to five pounds, 10 ounces for brandon. they are fine and so is mom. >> beautiful babies. >> the first one at medstar washington hospital center. >> you are the first baby of our year.
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>> how do they celebrate on different birthdays? we will have a cake after midnight so that i do not have to do two different parties. >> not a whole lot of cake. just an awful lot of cute. not allow inside of its doors. we will have reactions and controversy. police warn drivers against doing this. a few drivers had to learn the hard way. we will learn from one of the victims. >> not terribly cold out there right now. some big changes are on the way. [ male announcer ] are you watching cable?
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america. we are talking about a toby keith restaurant that just anded. are allowed inside some people are not happy about it. >> it is a small sign. >> a gun does not belong in a bar. >> it has unleashed a big debate. >> they are taking away freedom from people. >> a very plain message, no guns permitted. virginia residents can carry a gun without a
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license. a no guns sign in a private business supersedes that law. >> the fact that this one has the name toby keith attached, that is riling up a lot of folks. --the facebook page, we have we are fueling our fireplace with toby's cds. another said this. any time there are guns and alcohol, it can escalate a crazy situation into a dangerous one. keith has performed at nra events, and supports gun rights. >> not telling us what it is. -- chainurant train says this. >> people can choose to come or
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not come. sidestomers on both making their views known through their wallets. some badw year brought news for hundreds of thousands of mass transit riders. congress failed to extend the federal transit limit. kris van cleave has more on how this could result in all metro riders paying more. just gotg for a train a little more expensive. >> driving is not an option for me. i have to use the train. >> congress allowed commuters to set aside $340 a month pretax. transit havee mass had their benefit dropped to $ 130. that is a cut of $115 a month. congress let the law expire.
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>> do you think that is fair? >> no. a sad day for transit because of congressional inaction. >> the director of commuter services helps administer those benefits. the company estimates up to half a million people in our region will be affected by this change. >> for those who took full advantage, the cost of their commute will increase by $550. >> that is a concern. already facing tight budget constraints, the agency feels that ridership could drop a few hundred percentage points. something that will put additional pressure on the operating budget if congress does not act. it is something that we are watching closely as we plan for our next fiscal year. >> you are going to dig deeper into your pocket then?
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>> exactly. >> what do you think of that? >> it is not a great situation. it will have to do. >> someone who commutes on marc about, the cost will be $456 more. metro has been lobbying congressional deliberations to support a measure that would fix the disparity when congress is back in session. >> coming up, steve's forecast. it looks like we >> let's talk about the weather
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situation. we do expect freezing rain to hit some parts, not the district. >> it could go into the early morning hours tomorrow. this is across much of the area. no problems out there. 42 degrees at reagan national airport. we will not have a windchill factor to deal with. when temperatures drop below freezing, be on the lookout for some slick spots. the high temperature made it up to 34 degrees. 43.average temperature is that was set way back in 1877. we are looking at some cold air
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on the way. degrees. rg iii in gaithersburg. our final stop takes us to the district. up to 33. made it our temperatures are slowly falling. 29 degrees in gaithersburg. manassas is at 21. bwi marshall is looking at 18 degrees. the cold air that will arrive here early in the week is creeping up on minnesota and into wisconsin. that will slowly move into the east over the next 48 hours along with the cold front. the first thing that happens, we will look for clouds to increase. we will see moisture develop. freezing rain and freezing drizzle will become apparent. this is where we already have the freezing rain advisory set to go into effect at 2:00 in the
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morning. this is down to 6:00 in the morning. there could be a light glazing. out to the west, we are dealing with snow. if you have travel plans to these areas, expect travel delays come tomorrow morning. this advisory will cancel out in the noontime hour. this is closer to the see around 3:00 in the afternoon. a lot of this will cancel out earlier than that. temperatures at 9:00 tomorrow morning are right around freezing. the drizzle is changing over to all rain. 9:00,move through 8:00, look at what happens to our temperatures. 50 degrees is the projected temperature at 11:00 tomorrow night. we will see if that actually happens.
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the cold air moves in from the west and we will feel it on monday moving into tuesday. look at temperatures between 20-28 degrees. daytime highs and actual highs in the 50s. here is the as promised cold air. that is tuesday morning. eight degrees in the district. probably around zero out to the west and into the mountains. some drivers are guilty of doing this during the winter months. turning on the car to warm it up and then leaving it unattended. a few drivers learn why it was a bad thing to do. thieves stole for cars left running in prince george's county. >> a woman in my car. i went inside for just a few minutes. >> he said that is all it took for somebody to steal his bmw and his upper marlboro neighborhood after he started
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his car and went inside. his aunt noticed something was wrong. >> my car was gone. >> he is not alone. he is one of four people that have this happen to him in more than an hour. up to the north, and acura was taken. nearby in buoy, a nissan was taken. owner had lefthe the car running. >> he would not leave your wallet on the counter in the grocery store. these do not leave the keys in the ignition while you're vehicle is running and unattended. >> this becomes a huge problem in the winter. it is easy to not become a victim. you can never assume that your neighborhood is immune to this. for somebody to steal my personal belongings that i earned with my hard-earned money.
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let her takeman out menus collect dust. learn why >> a health alert about binge
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watching tv. it turns out that it could be good for your health. netflix surveyed more than 1000 people and found that half watched the most tv while working out, not walking --
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